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The Significance of writing a good scholarship essay

  • Gives the committee a general view on your personalities and abilities
  • The dedication that you have on your goals
  • The best essay gives the highest probability of winning a competitive scholarship

The Importance of Winning a Scholarship

There is a perception that applying for a scholarship is a preserve of poor people to finance their education. This might be true but it may not be the only reason why a person can decide to apply for a scholarship. The other reason why a student can apply for a scholarship is to get

  • Recognition for the achievement
  • Advance your education,
  • Improve your resume. 

To Write an Excellent Scholarship Essay,

  • a. The applicant should be original and truthful in the information that he/she writes in the scholarship essay.
  • b. The paper should only capture information that is essential and required to be considered for the award of the scholarship.
  • c. The scholarship essay should give reasons in a clear way why you deserve to be given the scholarship.
  • d. Develop patience
  • e.Proficient writing skills
  • f. Well arranged thoughts
  • g. Experience
  • h. Scholarship format

Double spaced

Times New Roman font

12 point font

One-inch top, bottom, and side margins

Quick Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays

  • Analyze instructions and understand the content
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Elaborate on all the points on the outline
  • Use simple and clear language
  • Edit and proofread the essay

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Things to avoid when writing a scholarship essay

  • Writing a poor introduction
  • Stating the obvious
  • Using complex language
  • Not answering the main question
  • Failure to tactfully stating your qualifications and accomplishments
  • Grammatical errors

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