Research Proposal Writing

Research Proposal Writing entails writing a paper that justifies the need for a student to study a research problem and formulate practical methods in the manner that the proposed study should be conducted. The research proposal is normally done by students in college. The students are required to submit the research proposal before they are allowed to submit their research papers.

The examiner is able to check on the research proposal and determine if the student is clear on the topic of study and research. The exercise can be overwhelming and confuse the students and this can lead to a lot of revision, cancellation, and even delay a student graduation. Therefore, the provides the most efficient and cost-effective custom research proposal writing services.

Planning for Research Proposal Writing Involves:

• Formulating a Title of the Research Proposal Topic

• General Overview of the Area of Research

• Identification of the appropriate Literature

• Key Research Questions

• Methodology

• Timescale for Research

• Bibliography

Writing a Research Proposal Content

Title Page

It contains personal data and title of the research proposal. Personal data include the student’s Name, date of submission and Institution Affiliation. The title of the research proposal should be written precisely, descriptive, and completely.

Abstract/ Summary of Research Proposal (1 page)

This part provides a short overview of the research and how the research proposal satisfies the academic debates and discourses. The student should narrow the topic and endeavor for simplicity and clarity.

Introduction and the Objective of the Research Proposal

This section should explain what the researcher wants to achieve by undertaking the study. It should explain the gap that the research seeks to address and the importance of each research question. The findings of the paper will be useful for future researchers in the same field.

Evaluation of the Research Literature

The writer should check on the existing knowledge on the subject area. This section should reference the most vital contribution of the other researchers. It should explore the theoretical scope that is useful in the research. Importantly, it should indicate the problem that should be addressed in writing a research proposal.


 Give the data collection techniques

 Sample Population

 Theoretical framework to be used

 Equipments to be used in conducting the research

 Identify potential limitation and constraints of the study

 Highlight ethical considerations and how the paper will address this issues

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