Steps on how to take care of your golf clubs for durability

Steps on how to take care of your golf clubs for durability

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In order to have no disappointment from your golf clubs when playing, make sure that you always take good care of them. Below are few east steps of maintaining your clubs to ensure they remain in good shape and last for long. Following these steps is an assurance that they will last long since no golfer would want to go through the frustration of having to replace expensive golf clubs within a short time.

  1. Ensure your golf clubs have been stored properly

A good place of storing your golf clubs is inside the house whether you often use it or fewer times and has to stay indoors for long. Avoid putting them in the car’s trunk if it is summer since the higher the heat the weaker the glues holding the club head and the grip in place weaken. Your car can be too hot making it not ideal for storing your clubs; therefore, the house is a good place.

  1. Avoid storing them when wet

Storing them while wet is a way of encouraging rust which is not a good thing at all. In case they are wet, wipe them with a dry cloth before storing them.

  1. Always have a golf towel with you

This is can be any towel to attach to your bag or one purposely made for golfers designed with fancy fibers and reinforced eyehole. Attach this to the bag then use it to wipe the grips and clubfaces when on the rounds in order to remove any dirt or moisture.

  1. Put headcovers on the woods

These assists to protect the heads, since, they are delicate and easily damaged on the woods or driver to prevent them from damage especially when you retrieve them or when you put them back. They are also good to have when placing them on a trunk of the car or golf cart since they jostle.

  1. Clean the clubheads in between every play

After taking a few rounds, ensure to clean the golf clubs in order to remove debris and dirt from grooves on your clubheads. It is an easy thing to do and takes a short time. This process only requires the use of warm water, soft bristle brush and a towel for wiping it to dry.

  1. Make sure to also clean the grips

Cleaning the grips always by removing sweat, debris, dirt and sunscreen stains ensures that they last for long. Ensuring that your grips are clean makes them durable although though at some point you will be required to replace them, hence, if you try to keep them clean as possible the better.

  1. Inspect your grips regularly in case of a wear

Always check for any wear when cleaning the grips. Shiny bares means it is slick so check them carefully and for any cracks and if it is there then you should think of buying new ones. A good grip means that you can handle the club well, therefore, a good game.

  1. Inspect the shafts once in a while

When wiping the shafts, always remember to check for any splits, dents or nicks. If there is any of this, then it is time you replace the shafts. Always wipe them with a dry and soft towel to keep them clean.


The cost of poor handling of the clubs is too high and you will pay dearly as it can also damage your golf bag. If you can avoid all these then start thinking on how to take a good care of those clubs because if they keep on damaging after a short time it means buying new ones, thus, draining your account. A simple way of keeping them long lasting is by cleaning them well and making sure they are well stored.

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