7 Qualities of a Good Electric Scooter

7 Qualities of a Good Electric Scooter

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Most of us grew up riding on scooters when we were kids. Today, adults are embracing electric scooters as an alternative means of transport in the city. The amazing speed and other incredible features make these motor powerful as best electric scooter for commuting to work. It is a great way to take a break from driving your vehicle each day. However, not all scooters that are in the market can offer you the much needed comfort and enjoyment.

Electric scooters are eco-friendly as it doesn’t run with gas. This makes it an ideal choice for those who love speed but are keen on protecting the environment. It is also affordable compared to cars and motorbikes and this makes it an ideal commuter alternative.

In this article, we are going to review on qualities that you should check when purchasing an electric scooter.

What to consider when buying an electric scooter

i. Range and Mileage

The mileage capacity of your electric scooter is a great factor when buying your unit. It is essential that you consider the distance you need to travel and how often you travel to determine the suitable miles for your scooter.

The battery is a great determinant of the miles and you will find some models running 20 miles while others can go for 25 miles on a single charge. Other powerful scooters will go farther without the need to recharge it.

ii. Comfort

When looking for a perfect electric scooter, you need to achieve a complete feel of the scooter. There are features that you should check to achieve a comfortable feeling while riding your electric scooter. Ensure that you buy a motor with wide and soft deck, high-grade suspension, and wide tires to guarantee smooth rides.

iii. Speed

Normally, electric scooters aren’t made for speed like cars or motorcycles. But its speed is higher than that of skateboard and bikes. Regular electric scooters can run from 20 Kph to 50 Kph. Nonetheless, kid’s scooter like razor e100 can have a lower speed like 10 Kph. The speed of this motor is suitable for urban commuter.

A scooter should have a sensible sense of speed. It is important that you take it for a test drive so that you can be certain of its speed before parting with your money. Alternatively, you can read unbiased review on the scooter before you decide on one.

iv. Wheel and Chassis

The wheels of an electric scooter are normally made of aluminum rims and alloy hubs. Choose a wheel that is 8-inch and above for a smooth and comfy ride.

Ensure that you select an electric scooter with a sturdy and strong body. Aircraft-grade aluminum should be sturdy and strong to withstand the weight of the rider.

v. Maximum Weight

Different electric scooter can be able to handle diverse weights. Ensure that you buy an electric scooter that can be able to handle your weight so as not to overwork it.

vi. Tires

Tires are also essential as they connect the scooter to the road influencing the range, ride quality, braking performance, and traction of your electric scooter.

They come in essentially two forms: solid and pneumatic (air-filled) tires. The pneumatic tires are the recommended scooter tires as the offer enhanced the quality of ride.

vii. Foldable

The good scooter should be foldable or detachable. This feature assists you to save space when you need to carry it along or go on a trip. Also, it should be easy to assemble when you require riding it again.

Final Thought

The following 7 must-have features are important in ensuring that you buy an efficient scooter. We have explored on nitty-gritty of factors to consider when selecting an electric scooter. We hope you will use the information to make the right choice on electric scooter.

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